"There is a part of everything which is unexplored, because we are accustomed to using our eyes only in association with the memory of what people before us have thought of the thing we are looking at. Even the smallest thing has something in it which is unknown."

      Flaubert, quoted by James Woods in his book How Fiction Works

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A passionate photographer since age 10, I began with a Kodak Retina, then moved to a Canon AE-1, developing 35mm film and prints in my basement darkroom. Now I work with digital tools; occasionally I miss the whiff of chemicals and the glow of the red bulb.

Born in Germany, I grew up bilingually and biculturally between there and the United States. My photography reflects two distinct influences: the German characteristic of cataloging and documenting, combined with the American drive towards free-form invention and cross-pollination.

Scientists say the eye is an extension of the brain; what we see goes right to the core. My eyes observe fleeting images, a shifting kaleidoscope. I look for that which is otherwise overlooked; patterns, shapes, juxtapositions; find a new perspective on something so obvious that it has become invisible.

Zen tells us to stop and pay attention. Photography is a way for me to notice and pay homage to moments in the flow of time. To capture THIS NOW and hold it in a photograph. There is irony here, reflecting the individual's fight against impermanence and entropy.

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